A question for you moto-retards!

Needed to get out of the house today, so I jumped on my Plastic fantastic and went for a ride, ended up going though Epping forest , came across a lovely road unfortunately spoilt with speed bump after speed bump. The plastic hated it!!

Can you guys jump speed bumps? I could and did on my mountain bike. If you can how does the moto handle in the air?

Cheers Woo

Maybe tempted!!

you dont get massive air but can launch off them:hehe: best ones are the small square rubber ones that have shamfered edges cos they help do slow speed wheelies:D

but be warned cos moto’s will 100% corrupt your riding habbits just like last night when i left the lights on the back wheel… did’nt see the police van driving towards me:pinch:

of course you can jump em, if you preload the forks like in motocross youl get air, and you should sell ya plastic turd and get a rear bike youl love it. :smiley:

I love speed bumps now, so much fun :smiley:
Just wheelie over them on my exc.

:rolleyes: bumps are launch pads.:slight_smile:

Wheelies over speed humps, at the lights, on the straights, on the track, in car parks… it must be great only having to replace the one tyre… the other one is never on the ground :hehe:

Wheelies? How do you do them then :hehe:

Speed bumps, um yeah well i slow down and ride over them with care on my moto ;):hehe: