She sure looks nice :slight_smile:

I`m loving that.

Toby’s had a shave:cool:


Yeah, but which would you rather have?:wink:



Got to be " The Riot" :w00t:

Carlsberg dont do motorcycles, but if they did…:wink:


under the suzuki’s clothes it’s an aprilia, i.e. the very best of driving experience you can come across… I just hope the price is not excessive

Oh my good god thats lovely :w00t:

Yep, you got me on that one :smiley:

That is a seriously sweet lookin’ 'sickle. Hope it 'aint too spendy…

Oh the irony of the skip in the background :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The Aprillia is fookn gorgeous. There’s a 250 near where I work and it looks pretty nice as well.:cool:

But saying that, so any of them have the personality of The Riot ??!

Here where all RS250 belong, trackdays :slight_smile:

A pic of one of my brothers on his RS250 (my old one) She sure likes to lean on BT90’s.

So what series is this RSV4 racing in?

Love your avatar barry:D

looks like a superbike. its def not moto gp. so some may come to the conclusion that if its finished and developed as we see here…why isn’t it racing? Some might then say its prob a bag of $hit.

or like any poor superbike attempts it will race endurance…

or its amazing and will win WSB next season…no wait thats BMW right!?

from VD

Cheers Scratchie;)

So does this spell the end of the road for the Mille then?:crazy:

Shame she was not mine and i’m sure the running costs would be more than any stink wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know which I’d rather have - the bike or the strap-on handlebars of Barry’s avatar!

Probably a joke montage pic but “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Think of the fun - twisting the throttle and going Fruuuummmmmm Thrrruuummmmmmmm whilst you…erm erm I’ll stop. No really, I think it best.

PMSL…Imagine doing wheelies on that ride :wink:

Cough…Er hmm…About the Aprilia…Foooking gorgeous, despite looking like a bit like a Suzuki.

Also, Chunky rumour has it, Aprilia will continue to make the Mille, but will increase the capacity upwards towards 1200 cc.

They’ll have to change the name though as Mille means 1000 in Italian innit BumbleBee :laugh: