A Newbie

Hi all Im a new guy but I think some off you will know me from Black heath Im a freelance tattooist/artist. soon to gety me own shop. will type soon



Hello and Welcome to LB

Hello and welcomel…

Hi and welcome to LB

let us know when u get ure own store… Lb discount pls…!!! Welcome…

hello and welcome! hope to see you at the brazen head!!

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello and welcome!

i dont suppose you could come up with a decent tattoo design or graphic’s for my name WIZARDFIRE
would love to have a look and then hopefully get it tattoed!

take it easy dude

it’s got 3 wheels Think your the 1st Make a good back marker on the ride outs, even sheewolf wont miss you

The mod’s are gona have to put a Trike section in the bike specific’s, or you could come in the fighters section as it’s a bitsa

Defo on the LB discount for the Tat’s, I want 1 of a fighter *Artkore style,

Welcome to the site

Lol I Do Ride 2 wheels as well

Do you mean something like this

If so then send me a Large good pic of ya bike and I will draw it up for ya.

Wizard Fire How about something along these lines but in full bike gear with your bike behind ya?




funny Terry

Yep thats the sort of thing I’ll send you a pic but I wont be able to afford it for a couple of months it’s the wrong time of year for me work

Dont be silly send me the pic Ill send you art work and you can print it and stick it on the wall or summthing

Thanx m8, your a gent

I’ll send you the pic, but could you do it with can under the sump, big Nos bottle mounted side of rad, and… only joking fella

And I’ll have a chat to you in a couple of months bout the tat

cool trike mate, welcome to the site…


hey tont triker!

nice one geezer like it a lot dude!!
i’ll email you a piccy of my bike tomorrow!
would make a great tat on my back as well.
top stuff!!!

Welcome to LB TonyT nice wheels but what is it??? more details on your bike plz

Oh poke poke n SMACK with da newbie stick

Your better off not knowing, lol.

Sorry TT.

wow what a bike, welcome