A new twist on protective gear....

Strange…I’d never heard of anything like this until reading this article on another site.


You’d want to make sure that none of your friends gave you a big slap on the back while wearing one of these, eh? :laugh:

Very true!

Sparky tested one of these on 5th Gear (motoring programme).

Wow, how cool is that? I guess the only problem is if you forget to unhook the deploy cord when you get off the bike. If you can leave a disk lock on, you can probably leave that thing attached :slight_smile:

Its not actually that new an invention, just never really seems to have been picked up by any mainsteam manufacturers…

As for deploying when you forget to unhook, the ones ive seen before nedd a SERIOUS tug to inflate them… ie running from the bike, nit just strolling off!

I wonder how long before Dianese or rukka bring something to market at about £500!?

i wonder how much it would cost to get imported??? might be worth it, might work out cheeper too

VinnieMV was importing them.