A new memeber (I hope)

Hi :slight_smile:
I am Paola, an Italian woman, passionate passanger. Unfortunately I do not ride a bike, but, in Italy all weeks- end I was on motorbike saddle because I was a member of one motoclub. I love motorbikes, I am really appasionate about two wheels. I collaborated as writer for an Italian web site for motorbikersand I travelled several years on motorbike.

I would like to know if there is a nice man who wants offer me the possibility to share his saddle. I can assure that I am a lightweight passanger :), I have a vaste experience and above all, I LOVE MOTORBIKES.

I hope that I can find here the same welcome that I received when I wrote at my first moto club.

Thanks a lot !


Ciao Paola, benvenuta sul forum!

Come down to Borough Market on a Wednesday evening for our weekly meet… I’m sure you’ll meet plenty of people willing to help you :wink:

Hi and welcome!


Okay everyone, please form an orderly queue.

Welcome to the forum Paula, what part of London are you in?

Hello, I am sure someone will gladly put you on their saddle. Which part of London are you living for a start :slight_smile:


Welcome to LB treacle

If I were a gambling man I’d wager you’ll have a queue around the block of eager volunteer pilots. Beats all that ding ding hold on tight please but hold on tight anyway :wink:

Thanks for your kind welcome ! And, please sorry if I did not put my post code …I live between Finsbury Park and Crouch hill. I will be very happy to have a volunteer as a pilot eh eh !
I would like to show you my pictures as a “zavorrina” (this is a nice name that in Italy we used for the female passanger), but I think that I can not post them here.

welcome to LB

hi and welcome

Hi and welcome to the forum :smiley:


Hi and welcome.

Manor house area, not far away from Finsbury.

Hi, where exactly I can meet you this evening ? At what pub ? Thanks. How can recognise you ?


Outside Borough Market on Stoney Street
Don’t worry about recognizing us, you cant miss us.
Big bunch of idiots stood around a load of bikes in the rain :laugh:

We’re the noisy dooshbags stood around catching colds :wink:


Hi Trinitypaoletta, as I ride every weekend with a pillion and have covered over 150,000 miles two up, I would be and am your ideal ride.
Ive taken a few LBers on the back and all have had a good time. Im old but spirited and virile and have T-shirts to prove it.

I`m based in Palmers Green.

So, when are you free? Fancy a ride to the coast for an overnighter?:slight_smile:

Cant do this weekend now as Im working undercover in Odessa, very hush hush, but suffice to say, it involves dolphins.:w00t:

Over to you other LB boys.

surely this aint legit?