A New Commuter

Hey folks!

Just wanted to say hi. Used to ride when I was 17 for about 3 years, did the theory, but never got round to doing my test.

After moving to London 3 months ago, decided it was time to get a bike again. Bought a second hand YBR125 to get me through the test! Theory early next week, then on to book a 4 day course to hopefully get the test done.

Using the bike to commute from Clapham to Central most days, easy 5 mile commute!

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome to the madhouse!:grin:

Welcome. Life will never be the same again!

Welcome Jpod.

There is a welcome evening for London Bikers held on the first Monday of the month at The Ace Cafe. Keep your eyes on the “Events” section as there’s usually a few guys from here that get down there.

Ah awesome, will do! Sounds great to me.

And Borough Market every Wednesday for a quick after work meet up… And a blast out to Blackheath Tea Hut or various other tea dispensing locations if you’re so inclined!