a guessing game!!!

can anyone name the pair of feet in my avatar???
there at the top left corner!!!..

iv just noticed them!!!

The Milkmans ?


come on u lot!!!

There your feet as Adams are 3 times bigger than that.

I agree, i think they are your feet! Im sure i saw them in another pic post on here.

not mine or adams!!! guess again!!!

Dick van dyke then.

close but the persons smaller!!!

think of a boat!!!

They look a bit deformed and look like they carry a lot of weight around :wink:

You say think of a boat…

Captain Pugwash.


captain pugwash!!! i like that!! but no its not!!!

try cute and cuddeley!!!


im guna hve to go with…tug

ok u 2!!! you was there thats not fare!!!lollollol!!! but you got it!!!

im just pure briliant, i cnt even see the avatar as my laptop is annoying, as soon as u said boat i was like… tug boat… gota bem,