A good Friday

So I’m on my day off, surfing around LB but not doing much constructive and I get a phonecall from Laguna in Maidstone. Turns out Frank Thomas have sent me a new replacement jacket after I sent one back that was nearly two years old and the stiching started disintegrating down one arm. Just out for a blast on this sunny afternoon to pick it up, if all ends as good as it sounds shall have to pay a visit to Praise or Shame :cool:

Sweeeeeeeet. After two years use they normally say wear and tear. That has just halved the price of your jacket. I wonder if they would do that for my bike??

Yeah, quite a touch! Just got back with a brand new jacket :smiley: I’ve stuck a thank you in the Praise & Shame board:cool:

touch mate! happy days!

Interesting - my FT gloves stitching has come apart and I’ve hardly worn the feckers - will email them to see if i get any joy.