a gift for the biker in your life

what do you get the person who has everything they might need?

That’s quite cool, nice one fella :slight_smile: If I had a bigger man-cave I would have more lego.

I might have just bought that😳

You’ve just made a club racing friend of mine a very happy boy. I forwarded on the link and he so wants one.

And he tries to make out that he’s such a grown up :smiley:

The numbers on the front of the box “5-12” is indicative of it being suitable for me, as I have an IQ of 5. Yay me!

I thought that was shoe size… which is ok for me at 5 & a 1/2…

No, 5-12 is the length of your cock in inches. Unfortunately I’ll have to pass on this.

No more lego Jay !! :smiley:

fixed that for you


No, a gift for the biker in your life would be another bike. :smiley:

It arrived today. Happy days.:blush:

Course their two Ducatis ! :slight_smile: