A few wacky pan/comps from Brands BSB round...

That sea of bikes in front of the main gate…

And a few cloned racers…

Atsushi… [EDIT: This is Sykes]

Who’s winning…?


Love the Atsushi sequence.

If you didn’t know Brands you’d think you were using a fish eye or bending space and time :wink:


cool pics. thats tom sykes not watanabe :wink:

looks awesome - youve managed to capture some of the extremety of PAddock which is really hard! :slight_smile: Can I use that as my screensaver!? :slight_smile: :smiley:


I’d be honored if you used it as your screen saver! Cheers :slight_smile:

Doh! Thanks for catching that :wink: And for the kind words. Atsushi has the squished rising sun emblems on his fairing, which from a distance look very similar to the squished English flag. And they both wear a very…sort of… almost similar helmets… ok, enough excuses.

Watanabe san…

Very cool fella!

hehe yeah nice CS work man :slight_smile:

Awesome work there! Nice one!!