a few vid clips to keep you smiling..............

These should keep you going for a while

paintball pain…well he is just stupid

ski into ravine…very lucky guy!!!

Boxing KO’s…good if you like boxing

Outrun the cheeta…funny

Lake monster… Funny

Wedding fainting…LOL

Meteor hit !! …Awsome

Free running… ( very good )

Close to beach plane landing…very close

Car rock climbing !!!..impossible

And a few pics…





Some great videos in there Neil, the Cheetah one had me in creases, thanks

Merry Chrimbo!

The cheetah gave me a stomach pain…LOL

Do u think that the one with meteor is authentic?

The one with escaping guy is a part of Jean Luc Besson’s movie. And besides that it’s a new extreme sport called Parkour.

It’s becoming very popular in UK. It’s basically running from A to B in the fastest and most impressing way using the natural obstacles.

here’s a sample:


Nice one Neil


Plane landing over the beach thats awesome!!!

I think the meteor one is a Nissan advert, for their 4x4. Theres another one where a guys misses pushes his Nissan 4x4 off a cliff, it just lands on the beach without a scratch on it.

If you watch the end the 4x4 drive out the crater left by the meteor. Very good though.