a few snaps from Brands MRO today

few pics from the MRO club racing at Brands today…












Nice work JB

How was your ride home?

Mine was warm and dry hahhaha

Shame about the weather Gabs but was good to see you and Mark.

Haha Nice on JB:cool:

Great to see everyone today although the Scarlet Pimpernel that is Seb#43 managed to slip under the LB radar;):smiley:

Hope those who rode today didn’t get too iced up on the way home.

Pic 1 has to be a good candidate for a caption contest;):smiley:

managed to get a break in the weather a bit after 4pm which wasn’t ‘too’ bad. the cross winds were a bit flippin scary at times and hands were numb as feck by the time i tucked the bike away

thanks for asking!

good to see everyone, worth popping along (just!)

need to check metcheck more carefully next time…:wink:

haha kool pics! was mad weather today…

good laugh tho glad i popped down!:smiley:

check out PJ…you make a fine pit bitch chap!:smiley:

The last time PJ got his hands dirty was when he fell over in the playground;):smiley:


strangely i never see any mochachocabipostolatte’s in his hands today…busy pit bitch today!:smiley:

heated seats…you fanny:D:w00t::w00t:

Gabs you might remember me saying “well at least it aint pissed down…” ? My bad…

Nice to see all that went, i’ll definatley be along to watch again… :wink:

I’ve just had a call from Seb. He sends his appologies and the reason he was hiding was that his colar bone, which was on the mend, has broken again and has been riding in much pain this weekend.

Get well soon Seb, see ya next time out:cool:

I had a Latte in a flask in the car if you must know. LOL

And there’s nothing wrong in being a pit bitch if you know what your doing;)

Cheeky feckers :smiley:

(Just 4 fun) :wink:

Pic 1 - How a bout a quickie?

Pic 2 - Oh go on then

Pic 3 - Let me go and get some rubbers

Pic 4 - No don’t go i’ve got one

Pic 5 - Bloody hell I can’t get it on!

Pic 6 - Man, i’ve lost 2 fingers trying to get one on

Pic 7 - You really think this will fit in my mouth?

Pic 8 - Do it now! or else…

lol @ commentary - you werent too far off :smiley:

yeah hopefully things will improve for the rest of the season :slight_smile:

thanks for coming (and Andy for the tea) :smiley: x


looks like everybody had fun. gutted i had to work sunday or i would have been there for sure :frowning:

anyone know when the next club meet at brands is?

i think gabs posted a schedual up in the club racing section. i think new era are there next not to sure though

This is the Brands racing calendar: https://tickets.motorsportvision.co.uk/calendar/search.asp?circuit=bh&type=all&grade=0

The next club race will be North Gloucester 21/22 March at Brands.

The next Bemsee club race will be 18/19 April and LB are sponsoring the event: http://londonbikers.com/news/10762/bmcrc-centenary-meeting-18th-19th-april-brands

Sorry I never got down to the garage to meet you, I was on a training run and just passed through from the paddock gate to the front. I was gonna come down on the bike after but then it started raining :frowning:

I’ll come down at the next meeting there and introduce myself

Carla x