A few of the bikes I've had

Not got many pics, only the few I have on Facebook as wife deleted everything, lost my GSR 1000’s pics and my CBR pics.Still wil have to buy more won’t I hahahahaha


R1 at Snet

GSXR @ Mallory

Track bike

Favourite Gixxer

As you can see, I used to play about with paintwork

Ace looking bike. Memories of Hodgson taking Bayliss and the crowd going mental at Brands WSB in 2001.

ooh alright ya rich bugger :smiley:

In my single days, now paying the ex so much she could run a BSB team and still have change for handbags

Hell of a cool and diverse collection of bikes/brands!

Also, hell of a number plate on that Ducati…

That was the “larger” road legal plate hahaha