A few more from the weekend

MacP’S Beast

Jay’s GSXR

Jay’s GSXR


DSushee with Salee’s Bike

Quality… my VFR never looked so good!!!

(Except for when shewolf was drapped across it of course)

get that ropey bird away for the bike she is spoilling the lines.

Great pics mate - thanks for a top day!

thats enough of that… !!!

if you have nothing nice to say…say nothing at all

its my bike and i say who stands next to it…so shut it

I can not wait to see how these pics come out!!

Which charm school did you fail at?

I think he’s from the I love bikes more than birds as I have a lovely woman already charm school, is that right Egypt??

Any chance of some pic’s then

sorry…shouldn’t have been so abrupt…i need a fag!!

but Dawn is a lovely girl and silly remarks like that hurt, not only the ones they are aimed at !

Thanks Salee, it’s OK Dawn isnt checking the forum :wink:

220 egypt here
this why so many people leave or get the arse with this site as something is said in jest,as a joke do any of you remember what they are ?.
and yes i am into loverly bikes,not really into woman have to try and be sexy against a sexy bike,should have stuck her next to gingers bike(just better say im not slagging off your bike,before pc lot start throwing there rattles out of there cots).
its funny how woman moan about the pic’s in bike mags birds with tits out standing next to the bikes this is the same thing in a way,
an d for a site that jumps on people and slags people off for no real reason apart form ******* people off,look at what you say and look at what you have just done.

here’s biker for you

mate chill… no one is pissed off least alone me, thats the problem with sarcasm is doesn’t always read well when you get a reply. It aint no thing :wink:

I could see Egypt was saying it in jest,… I totally agree with his reply too!

Some of you need to step back and think of how it would’ve come across being said face to face with a pint in one hand and a fag in the other.

… Ooops Salees stopped smoking lol (I hope the temptations not got the better of you, you were so tempted at the Ace last night)

Yes I know what a joke is, no I am not very PC, no I dont complain about girls with tits out standing next to bikes, quite like to look actually - however IMHO what you put was not funny it was personal and not very nice

I cant comment on the pics you put cos I cant see them

I think she looks fab - wish I had a figure like that

Behave everybody. LCaller saw it for what it was, ie. a joke. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill.

And to be honest, some of the people who jumped to Dawn’s defence are the 1st to say something when somebody else has a raunchy pic in their avatar - mentioning no names

thats it ! im now going to post pictures of lost of naked men to deflect the issue :wink:

Starting with Charley !!!

Photoshop comes in handy at times Doesn’t it Charley? lol

Naked men - yes please!