A different kind of riding

Bored of two wheels? fancy something new? No, didn’t think so but anyway, if I may I’d like to recommend something different for you to try…

Jousting :smiley:

Was bought a days course, an Introduction to jousting, as a red letter day for my 40th.

Went yesterday, near warwick castle. What a fun day. Started with some sword work, learnign a corigraphed fight (I played the bad guy, which was fun but of course I had to loose in the end), then some archery befroe mouting a horse and learning all the skills required for jousting. Targetting rings with your lance, tilting at the Quintain (spinning target) Culminating in a tournament and finally the chance to have a tilt at an actual person :stuck_out_tongue:

My legs ache and I’m very tired today but it was such fun, no previous riding expreience required (althoguh if you can it’s abonus).


Check it out… well worth it.