a couple of pics from a couple of weekends back

it was my first ride out on my husqy 610 and managed to drag a couple of mates with ‘adventure’ bikes out for a spot of green laning, nothing too drastic just a little tester.

one lad is on a triumph tiger 955, the other lad was on a bmw 1200 gs adventure,

we made it 200m along the first track before the beemer was on the deck! a dead leg, contents of the top box strewn across the track, and a scratched/dented protector plate was enough for that lad to turn round and head home,

so the two of us carried on and had a blinding day although it was bloody cold, i only got a couple of pics of the lad on the tiger cos it was too cold to keep taking my gloves off to take pics!!:slight_smile:


Well up for a bit of the white stuff.:slight_smile:

U mean a sticky grenade?

blimey thats quite hardcore!