A confession...

I rode today with almost no gear. Shorts, T-Shirt, trainers. Helmet flipped open, sunglasses on. And…damn, it was absolutely sublime. Simply superb, I didn’t feel as “unsafe” as I thought I would, it just felt good.

Ok, I didn’t ride very fast - under 40mph at all times, and mostly closer to 20mph, all around town, closer to the speeds I get up to on my pedal bike - but a fall at 30-40mph with no gear could have destroyed me, and I know that perfectly well. It was a risk…and stupid…and I knew that…and yet I did it. And I think I’d do it again.

From now on, for short journeys, I think I’m going to be:

NOTGITS (None Of The Gear In The Sun)

Am I Crazy?


Yes. you are.

I can see the temptation. but would never do it.

Be careful!

To an extent, yes!

Having said that, it does feel good. Whenever I move my bike on private property I do it without a lid on as I know there’s no one else around and I’m not going to be doing more that 10/20mph and I understand the appeal. Having said that I wouldn’t risk it on open roads even if it was legal.

I did the same today :smiley:

4 mile round trip. slowly, slowly :slight_smile:

Ask yourself the question if you come off, it hurts even at low speeds. Not worth it mate, get some summer kit :wink:

Yes, yes you are. That being said, I have on several occasions worn snickers and a regular leather jacket while going to a local shop. I’m fearless like that.

Did you strap them to the bottom of your feet? Don’t they melt? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wearing full leathers, roughing up the edges of my back tyre, on the A40 from Abergavenny heading for Brecon in Wales.
Did that feel good? Hell yeh!
It was pretty warm but would rather that, than doing 20mph :smiley:
Ooh, yes you are.

I might have been a tad hungry when I wrote that :smiley:

I rode without gear today … across the santa pod to the showers … and when I rode back i was even less protected … I had left my clean keks in the van and went commando on the ride back … It was lovley and cooling :smiley:

Despite the whacking KTM 990 V twin pumping out enough heat to boil my bollocks, always ride with the Draggin’s, boots, jacket, and gloves. I’ve suffered enough pain to last me a long long time.

Personally I don’t what this:


im so pleased to have met you this weekend numnum, i think your brilliant! :blush: did the kids unload the van for you?!!

I have some summer kit…this was actually a screw-up on my end - walked out of the house without my house keys, bike was out the side which was open and helmet on the bike…choice of wait half an hour for the wife to get home or go without, so I did the stupid thing. Well, actually I could have taken the push bike, but dammit it’s too hot for that!

No they are still at the beach … so I have had to leave everything in the van till they get home :hehe:

Numnum is a legend.

and Simon you are crazy.


but hey the skin is yours you can do whatever you want with it. me i rather sweat under my leathers than sweat blood. :smiley:

And where were you while we was drinking cheap cider ,sleeping on the ground and smelling of sweat !!??? Why were you not there ?? To posh for you are we !!??:hehe:

hahaha poser, the sort of stupid thing i would do

Szymon, get some summer biking kit, vented stuff is available.

“but hey the skin is yours you can do whatever you want with it. me i rather sweat under my leathers than sweat blood”


NumNum (07/07/2013)

i know i should have come. :blush:

decided to give the bike a break and treat little Maxy instead. next time :wink: