A clean bike is a happy bike...

A clean bike is a happy bike…

I thought I’d give her some love and attention… An hour and a half, a full tub of Muc-Off wipes and a bucket of suds later, and she’s looking lovely again!

Is it just me, or does anyone else also find it really relaxing and enjoyable doing this to their bike?


Pride, i think mate (and not being sexist) is a male passion when it comes to things like this. girlfriend or wife know they make sense when they say “he will only shift his arse to do anything when he’s tinkering with the car/ motorbike”. Looks grand bud.

Bit of a wasted afternoon there mate… You do realise that Hondas are actually self-cleaning?:smiley:

Fancy doing mine?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I disagree about the pride thing being a male thing, I always like my bike and car to be nice, shiny and clean and last time I checked I wasn’t a bloke :wink:

Sorry Tiggi,

I am sure you do keep your admin in order and good on you. But as i said it was not me being sexist, just mean cars, motorbikes or even trucks have always been in blokes hearts portrayed from their elders from the knee high grass hopper age, as apposed to Barbie, Cindy, Carebears or My Little Pony.

And i am glad you are a female and not confussed. :hehe: Respect to you flower.

LOL…Thats not Patronising :wink:

dogs testies

Now that would take some serious cleaning!!!:w00t:

Don’t let TerryMoto see them slabs;):smiley:

hmmm. Not so sure on this. Cleaned mine last Saturday, gleaming clean, including swingarm and wheels. Stolen Sunday morning… Next time I’ll use a bike cover and a rottweiler.

I don’t just keep my bike clean, I like to keep all my riding kit clean too.

I spend hours buffing my helmet :stuck_out_tongue:

(My apologies. Old joke, I just couldn’t resist).

OMG look at all that Chrome, yummy :):):)Ian

I bet if somebody sees you in the mirror on the sunny day on that thing they won’t know what is this coming:D I bet it has been made in US and they call it UFO if it’s seen on the street :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks good though but how to keep it clean:crazy:




Did you just say your bike got nicked last Saturday? :crazy:

ianxv1600 (02/03/2008)

OMG look at all that Chrome, yummy :):):)IanI am with you there ian, I want a bike like that…that is just fantastic…now whcih bike shall i start on…hmmm…

Funny that - i cleaned mine on Saturday too and on Sunday morning found the cover had been taken partially off (wasnt the wind as I clip it on) - I reckon as soon as they saw the alarm, disc lock and ground anchor going through the frame they thought “sod that”.

Love the chrome bike! I reckon you’d be pretty much invisible to car users though as you’d just reflect your surroundings and blend in!