Hello everyone, i need some help with people who have more experience than me. so any mechanics?? i need to know about a regina chain, does it have a connecting link that you hammer over? and do you definatly have to have a chain tool to put a new one on. cos i allways belive there’s another way with everything

Many thanks if you can help.

ichyrider, I got the CFC chain on my bike with the Renthal sprockets. I have seen a chain being removed without the proper tool and replaced as well but I wouldn’t recommend that to you. Brake it is not that hard as you can saw it out of your bike but to replace it? A frind of mine used a small sladge hummer and a normal hummer to bit the pin in the connect link but would you trust your life on it at not ‘legal’ speeds? A loose chain can cost your foot! But that’s only my opinion…


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I supose it all depends if you value your foot and bike, use a proper tool. IMHO

It is a vital piece of the machinery of your bike, if it breaks it could spell complete disaster, even fatal. is it worth risking all that for the price of the tool or to get a garage to fit it in the first place - personally, I think not.