A Bit of Praise, a Bit of Shame for Express Insurance

Great price for adding on my YBR125 to my existing policy with them.

Had to hold for 22 minutes on the line to get through on Monday and 15 minutes this evening… very annoying. Also they put on my policy docs that I don’t commute with my vehicles, which I do, and I thought I sorted out in June!! Cheeky so and sos.

Anyone have any experience trying to claim with Express? I have a feeling it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience if I ever had to.

Yep same experience, price is good, service isn’t.When you phone them you get the feeling you’re ringing a bucket shop with a couple of desks somewhere up the Midlands. No free number to start, then ages until they answer, and when they do you can hear the whole room’s conversation…

I asked for a quick temporary cover note that I needed to take to the DVLA office and they said " yes no prob, we’ll post one today first class". It took a week to arrive (and another phone call).

When the full documents arrived there were a lot of terms, conditions, disclaimer etc. notes but not a sigle policy summary sheet. Therefore I had no confirmation of what my policy included (legal cover, road assistance etc.) You include breakdown assistance but you don’t get a number to call… I mean, I’m not asking for the fancy but useful wallet card with all your policy details and their key numbers to call that you get at Bennets, but at least a flipping number!
So it took another phone call which went like “oh, have you got a pen, write it down”.:hehe:

So in summary: price is good, service is pretty poor. But when you get a fully-comp quote for two bikes costing a little more than what the previous year I used to pay for one bike (and TPFT only) I couldn’t refuse.
I just hope that they actually exist, :w00t: and secondly that i don’t have to go through a claim with them in the near future…

Yeah 2 months ago I had a write off and they sorted it all. Still waiting for £70 but got the other £1500 within a month of the claim and got a hire bike too. (that came within one day)

I know they take a little while to answer the phone but they sorted it out my bike very quickly and without fuss,

They have been good to me over the years!! great prices on gixers!!

i have, and very good they were too, wrote my bike off on the thursday evening and i had a hire bike by monday morning, and they dealt with everything very well, no compliants at all, being on hold happens with everything, ever tried paying or finding out info about a parking ticketc etc…:w00t:

thanks guys, I feel a bit better now.

Although I’ve rec’d my cover certificate for adding my YBR onto my Gladius policy and it runs from 30 Aug 09 to 29 Aug 10 whereas they said over the phone the YBR would only be covered until my gladius policy was up for renewal in May.

I suppose I can’t complain, a year’s fully comp insurance on the YBR for £86…