A Bit Far From London

Hi everyone,

Like it says in the title, I’m a bit far from London - south of Spain, to be precise - but I’ve just signed up to the site today. Looks like a really good combination of forums and news.

I confess to having a particular reason for looking you up and that is to let everyone here know about RaceBikeManager 2008, the charity fundraising fantasy bike race league that is returning for its second year.

Details are available in the News section here:


On behalf of the team at RaceBikeManager, a massive ‘thank you’ goes out to Jay for letting us tell you about the game on the forum. All donations will be shared equally between the Association of Air Ambulance Charities and Riders for Health.

Please spare a few minutes to view the News report, then come on over to our site and register today. Oh, and spread the word on any other bike forums you frequent - the more the merrier!

Thanks in advance to you all. :slight_smile:

RaceBikeManager 2008

Hi there - welcome onboard, just reading about your League now!

hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.
Where abouts in the South of Spain are you.

I’m on the Costa Blanca, along with about half a million other British climate asylum seekers!

Don’t ask about the weather or the roads … you honestly don’t want to know, trust me :slight_smile:

Hello, I guess someone will ask so it might as well be me

what’s the weather like today

You’ll wish you hadn’t … :wink:


Like this for the next 10 days, it says :smiley:


Hello & Welcome, We could do with some of that nice weather over here!!!

Thanks for the welcome messages, everyone. :slight_smile:

Registrations on the site have increased steadily since I started spreading the word via the forums, so that’s very encouraging.

Tell your mates and challenge them to form a Mini League with you - it all adds to the fun! :smiley:

Welcome, welcome :wink:

hello and welcome to LB:)