A bit cheeky, but does anyone have a brake bleed kit they could lend me?

A bit cheeky, but does anyone have a brake bleed kit they could lend me?

Started a topic early last week asking how easy it is to replace standard hoses with new braided ones. So I bought the new lines but with xmas and all, am a bit skint :wink:

So the question is,

Could anyone be kind enough to lend me a brake bleed kit for a week? It will be well looked after and returned clean. theres probably a pint in it or whatever at the ACE for your troubles :wink:

You don’t need a bleed kit mate.*Just a length of clear tube and a jam jar… and a bit of patience:cool: * as was stated in your original topic by several members

I guess,

just wanted to make it nice and easy as its the first time ive done it. just been reading some websites howto guides now. not actually gonna do it till next week as im out of town at the min with family. but want to get my teeth into it as soon as i get back.

surly you need the correct diameter tubing which i dont have. so figured id be a cheeky git and ask to borrow a kit :blush:

5mm tubing - you can buy it by the metre from B&Q

better than that you can get s cheep"one man" bleed kit from any motor factors place.
only about 4 quid, its a tube with a one way valve on the end, fits over the bleed nipple of any size as its flexible tube with a plastic clamp to make it air tight.

The bleeding is not so hard, where you are going to have problems is getting the fluid from the ressy threw the master cylinder.

Its easyer if your M/C has a bleed nipple on it but can still be a pain, like all things mechanical persistence is the key :slight_smile:

I have a motrax big bleeder kit you can lend, only thing is the reservoir bottle that collects fluid before it goes into the vacuum pump is shot.

The vac pump is still handy to draw that first bit of fluid threw the M/C :slight_smile:

not a problem now guys! ive managed to find a peice of tubing from a car bleeding kit in the bottom of a mates old tool box! so probably get started monday or tuesday?

stay tuned for new topics entitled “help” or “see my new pics” :smiley: