After reading in one of the other posts about Donations and the Running of the site what about a

(((((((**** “SUMMERTIME BIKERS BINGE” ****))))))

Date and Location to be arranged, lets say 30 Snots ahead (liable to change), get in some sort of Caterers to knock up a few Sarnies and some

“Free Range Baked Sparrow”,


Arrange the Music Aspect and a “shit load of fun” with some Fund Raising for

((((( “London Air Ambulance” )))))

"Raffles and some other Auction Type “Shennanighans” and


Say what say what say what ???


You have to got to be the most active member of your forum. I’ll have what ever your taking, you allways seem to be on the go.

Binge sounds like a Pukka plan. any ides when, where, cost etc ?


Well ,

I,ll talk to “Jay” and the “Foxster” later tonight at The Cubana and then I,ll have a word with

“Cezar the Geeza” and get the ball rolling…

hows that ??

Great I can bring the wife and show here that most of you are not ax wielding Hells Angels

Exactly !!..Wifes and Family, Tasty Tarts !!!..Well have a right Blast Mate !!!

Sounds like a plan!

yes please I’m up for that.

Me too

we aren’t

Does this mean i cant bring the axe to waterloo anymore…

wheres the fun in that…

but yup definitely up for a party Barro…

i thought it said Minge…

Flatout, you are incorigable.

As for a perty, subject to being free when it happens, count me in.

An incorrigible person or behaviour is bad and impossible to change or improve

well that just sums me up…

I’m up for that sounds great!

Good…and the Threads back on track too !!!

Count me in…

Have some of that, yea, count me in.

Are you talking about an overnighter??

Lets get some interest and we,ll plan for whatever the masses want !!

well i want minge… and lots of it

Flats, you’ve lost the plot mate. hehehehehe