A bike.....A Bike

…my kingdom would be classed as peckham so i dont know what kind of bike that would get me :stuck_out_tongue:

just went outside and the weather is bloody beautifull! This would be a perfect night to go cruising round the town, none of this sitting in a car business! u lucky lot!! ah well, come august it should be my turn!

Actually yes it was, just got back from the newbie night at the ace, great fun and a perfect evening to be out on the bike, save for the couple of spots of rain, even managed to get some air under the front wheel, albeit probably only an inch! :smiley:

i wanted to go to newbie night… cant believe i missed it x

Next one is the 1st of June, stick it in your calendar now with a reminder and you won’t miss it next month. :smiley: