A big thank you

a big thank you to everyone who turned up for kevin tonight. I wont go into names but you all played your part in a wonderful evening.once again a BIg thank you.

Joe sorry i didnt know this was on …i would have loved to have been there for your friend Kevin …i said a prayer for him in Canterbury though


maybe you could do another ride out as well as I would have liked to come along had the bike been in working order.

Sorry Joe, i did try and get to you guys, but bikes out of action till tomorrow or sunday? Had to have the fairing off it again to correct a paint problem, (i used a cleaning solvent to get some crappy muck off my bike, and it reacted with the new paint job ive just had done? all the new paint started to bubble up, so they had to have it back and strip it down and redo it for me?)

So hopefully i get it tomorrow as they have had it since Tues? Ive been bike less most of the week…Sorry again…