A 1600cc 6 cylinder Beemer on the way

Oh my goodness.


If anyone (Pan?) can find any images on t’internet then post’em up here - there aren’t any official ones yet.

Couldn’t find any images of the bike, but did find one of the engine. That is going to be one sweet smooth ride.

Six cylinder engines are one of the best designs as they have both primary and secondary balance. Hmmmmmmmmm.



yep (JC) thats the only one i have seen up to now but will post as soon as i see anything new

photo soup


It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to have bigger wheels to stop these bikes looking daft! They look like pram wheels in comparison the body of the behemoth.


Adaptive headlights that will be on the bike.

Does it turn into a car at midnight? (Not that it would be a massive transformation)

holey, and indeed, moley

Dam, that’s one powerful bike.

Looks as ugly as hell though. Looks like a regular bike ate a few others, rather fat.

Awesome engine, and wow, those headlights look like just the job for some night-time ride-outs :slight_smile:

Not sure about the chassis though :stuck_out_tongue:

1600cc bmw? that would be a 316 bmw car, which is smaller than the bike in the picture. Not sure what the point is with these BIG cruisers, but they don’t appear to have any advantages over a convertable car - or am I missing something here?

That is fugly compared to a Wing…and why not go 1800 like Honda or 2.3 like Triumph :slight_smile:

some new pics