£65 mot!!!!!!! WTF

Just started my new job and the bike is needing an MoT whilst walking around I find a bike shop 30 seconds away pop in and ask the guy if he does MoTs he says yes but we take the bike to our other shop up the road…

"ok how much "


I smile and walk out, I did not even get the name of the shop as I do not think I will be going back there.

Thats horse sh!t mateA car only costs £50.35 so that can’t be right:crazy:Edit: Just looked online and should be £27.15 maxhttp://www.gnn.gov.uk/Content/Detail.asp?ReleaseID=235885&NewsAreaID=2

Maybe that includes a charge for taking it for you? :slight_smile:

My old garage would also do a check on the bike before they took it and fix anything they can for the inclusive price, forget how much it was though.

They would take it and hang around so fair play realy

Fairplay? where I take my car for an MoT they take it somewhere else but only charge like an extra £3 and the place they take it to is not even owned by them…so I think dding an extra £30 is a joke especially as the other shop is owned by them as well

I’d be inclined to use your usual shop if it’s open Saturdays:)

talking ****!.

The maximum legal fee to MOT a bike (without sidecar) is £27.15. Anything beyond that is not a charge for an MOT so they will have to explain what they are charging for.

£3.00 !!! We charge people an hour to take their car for MOT as we have to drive it there wait around for an hour, when we could be doing something else, then drive it back - we donate the half hour travelling time. Us self employed peeps have to make a living & cover our overheads you know :wink:

I got the van MOTd 3 weeks ago and that cost me £50… it was only £25.00 at the same place in February when I took the car in.

Not sure how much the bike ones are where we take them cos he doe’s that bit lol.

Got mine MOT’d last week for £27:15…(APC motorcycles, highly recommended)

Local honda dealer (Ruislip) wanted extra £45 :w00t: to take the bike to their other shop in Harrow…pointless and haven’t been back…accept for parts…:wink:

Nail on head, i know some places are not mot stations so they say yeah we do it but they take it to mot place thus charging you for the priviledge.

Take it to Essential Rubber if you can, you can’t go wrong with that place in my experience :slight_smile: