6/7/19 Birthday Bonanza

It’s my birthday on Friday the 5th, so I thought I’d celebrate by riding motorbikes, eating cake and seeing steam trains on Saturday.

Meeting at 11 at South Mimms Starbucks (in the car park, not the petrol station) with full tanks. Should be back(ish) by 6.

Which direction are you travelling from South Mymms?

not entirely sure yet, possibly via maidenhead BMW though (friend is collecting a bike from a service there).

need to look at who has good cake and steam trains on a Saturday too

See you there👍

Don’t forget your bubble wand Boris

Could you do Dunstable downs again? For 11 am still

And the route will probably finish at 3 in Aylesbury, realised I need to be back by about 4. Going to be a chipping Norton loop, possibly without a railway (they’re all open on Sunday, but not Saturday!)

Yep that’s fine for me ,see you Dunstable 11am

Happy bday mate!! Have a good day out today!

Happy Birthday Boris :grin:

Ah shit running late, but ive delayed when I need to go home.

Be there 1130 ish

Cheers again ,some nice roads again today:)