40th Birthday Present

All my mates clubbed together to get me MSV track day vouchers for my 40th. I’m trying to decide which day to book!I’ve done Brands Indy twice (once in pi**ing rain and once in the dry), but there’s a Bike Magazine road bike only day there on Wednesday 16th June which sounds good. The other tempting event is Cadwell Park on either Tuesday 3rd or 17th August.

I’m Surrey based, so Brands is dead easy to get to, Cadwell is a fair trek, but it looks like a great track to ride and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. I could probably get two days in at Cadwell during the year!!

I’ve just spotted a Brands GP Circuit event too which is in early September and Bedford Autodrome in August. I’ve driven cars at Bedford and it’s a great venue.

Oh the choices!!!

Anyone fancy joining me on one of the above, or have any of you already booked day’s that I could join in on?

Top stuff!! Brands GP is deffo one of the best circuits in the country. My other favourite MSV ones are Oulton and Cadwell but the GP is just as good if youre looking for convenience. Never been to Bedford Autodrome on a bike but I think there was a thread on here raving about it relatively recently.

What a great present, Happy birthday rider. :slight_smile: