40k K2 600 Engine transplanted for a 10k K2 600 Engine

I like these threads when I come across them, so will do one now for the engine transfer I did this morning. (when I say, i, I mean a trained mechanic who let me help out and watch)…

Bike is prepared and ready to begin

My old engine before it is taken out…

Pipes off, and placed in the corner

All hoses and electronic clips undone and the unbolting begins!

Very quickly after that we are left with just a shell…

Then I changed the plugs on the new (old) engine and it was ready to be slotted into place…

So we heaved it up…well the jack heaved it up :smiley:

Then it was just a matter of slotting all the hoses back on and the reconnecting the electrical stuff…

Then we put the pipes back on, changed the oil and rad fluid/coolant…

And she was ready to fire up!!

Bit throaty but no air box or filter attached.

Bike runs nice, going to try and get a trip down to see Mike at MD who kindly offered to reset the Throttle bodies for me after setting them up best he could for a busted engine :p…and hopefully my bike will be running like a dream again!!

Thanks to Double RR motorcycles who helped me out today and helped me get back on the road with a minimum of fuss…recommended them on here before and they are really nice people!


How much was the new engine? Ebay?

And did you have to get any fresh gaskets for anything?

No the engine I bought from a mate who happened to have one, paid Bay prices, £350. No new gaskets required as nothing needed changing on the engine. Only had 10,000 miles on the engine and everything was ok on it to go into my bike. Slotted in real easy to be honest, I say that but I think the mechanic made it look easy, said he liked working on Suzuki engines of this era as they make this sort of work easy. All in I think it was a total of 4 hours of labour at £50 squid an hour, sundries were thrown in as I think we were a little short of the full 4 hours so £200 quid for the exchange of engines.

Not bad! Just wondered if the coolant connections needed fresh gaskets but i guess not… Hope it runs well for you!

i thought 40k wasnt alot (at least for a honda :wink: ) ? why the change?

Couple of Cylinders were on the way out, 2nd was running at 50%, 4th was running intermittently and 3rd was barely running at all.

Awesome. you nearly had a single cylinder bike! You know it makes sense! :smiley:

Blimey you couldn’t ride it with what cylinders you had working! how the hell are you going to ride it now you have all 4 cylinders working:w00t:

And yet I managed to keep up with everyone…you lot need to try harder :smiley:

keep up with everyone? did i not lose you in the 500 yards between the petrol station and my workshop? :Whistling:

pfft did I not pass you as you were broken down in the garage lol