4 bike companies join to make a single battery standard for electric bikes


Is that just for scooterists or do you think it will be available for adults’ bikes too?

KTM = makes motorcycles
Honda = makes motorcycles and scooters
Yamaha = makes motorcycles and scooters
Piaggio group = makes motorcycles and scooters

Not sure why you think this will only apply to scooters?

That is good news if you ask me.

Was going on the pics in the attached article. Great if it’s for bikes too.

That is good news. The others would be daft not to jump onboard and enjoy the ability to cut costs and work on a product that allows riders maximum flexibility.


Oh come on, only two of those are world leaders.

by what metric?

On the metric that any scooterist manufactures are by definition,the spawn of satan selling satanic wheels to satan followers.


Happy bday btw :relaxed: