3rd May 2006: Anyone Surrey based not going to the Cubana...

Along with some Chums from the Box Hill Forum were having a bit of a ride out from BH to the Anchor pub : - Details below. Any LB’ers not going to Waterloo are more than welcome to come along

Meeting Box Hill at 7.30

Box Hill

Ryka’s Family Restaurant
Old London Road,
Surrey, RH5 6BY

To go to here about 7.45:

The Anchor

The Anchor
Pyrford Lock,
Surrey GU23 6QW

Plan is for a sensible pace run from Box Hill to the Anchor, somewhere between wobblers and warp speed.

Who’s in?

Btw: I’ll be there on my CB1300

Lovely riverside Pub The Anchor, I’ve delivered beer there a few times. Unfortuanately unable to join you as I have to get up at stupid o’clock tomorrow. Have fun though.

Sod it !!! I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead This lovely evening is too good to waste, see you at Rykers

Don’t think I saw you there… if so sorry we missed you mate

Hi Biggus, Wife & I got to Rykers about 7.20 ish, spotted your CB1300, hung around it for a bit (didn’t fancy walking up to every hairy arsed biker & asking “are you Biggus, mate?” might have got a slap!!! Got distracted by a couple of georgeous looking bikes, next thing turned round to see your CB1300 riding out the car park I suppose we could have met you up at The Anchor but I only know the boring way (M25, A3(M)) coz that’s the way I usually get to it in the lorry (that wooden bridge there not suitable for urban artics).

Ended up having ribs & chips at the Smith & Western so all was not lost. Better luck next time

Sorry I missed you mate. Better luck next time eh… How was Smith And Westerns? Ridden past it many times but never eaten there… I was going to go out to the one at Caterham Village (formerly Caterham barracks but it’s burnt down) doh!!!

So what is the form if you see a members bike but don’t know the face? I should think you’d find out a bit quick if you start kicking it

No probs Biggus, Smith & Western was OK albeit a bit cheesey!! For example seems to be popular for celebrating birthdays, this was heralded by 3 of the staff walking to the recipients table in cowboy hats yelling “Yeeehaaaa” continously whilst clanging a large triangle thing you see in western movies also carrrying a big glass bowl of choccy pudding stuff ablaze with sparklers!!! Fine if you like that sort of thing!!! but there were 3 birthdays that night