3D TV's

Does anyone own a 3DTV?!.. it’s about time I replaced my ole TV for a newer model… looking at 50inch above… not sure if I should stump up the extra few squids and get a 3DTV over a normal Full HD one though? :blink:


Not worth it yet just get a good led smart tv

I suggest you stick with a normal TV and get your 3D fix at the cinema…
You have to sit in the sweet spot in front of a 3DTV, you need to wear the glasses, buy 3D media…

Personally I don’t think 3D will be around for too much longer…

3D is usable now, even very good. I’ve got an LG 3D 42". All depends whether really you like 3D, or not. If you’re not fussed, go for a 2D.

If you go down the 3D route, I recommend the LG 3D LED or LCD (not plasma). Its the pretty only one which has the “passive” cinema glasses … i.e. £1 each … rather than other TVs that cost £50-£100 per set of glasses. You can buy the TV for around £100 more than a normal set, though you do have to get a 3D Blu Ray (£100) and the Blu Rays are a bit more pricey. There also aren’t that many 3D movies out, though more are coming - this Christmas especially.

Take a look at the other recent LCD/Plasma 2D/3D thread :slight_smile: