30th Birthday Party Ideas

Gabs (powerpuffgirl) and I are turning 30 in November and we were thinking of having joint celebrations on Saturday 21st November.

I know its ages away but weekends always fill up fast in November and December (and I’m just a weirdo who likes organising things…lol)

We were thinking about maybe having a meal, perhaps a curry/Thai, but it would have to be somewhere that could seat quite a few people and not take ages to serve up the food…cant be wasting the drinking time!

Maybe a comedy show or something else to make the night different to the usual p1ss up.
Although there should definitely be some drinking and dancing :smiley:

We dont necessarily want something private if it’s likely to cost a lot or be a hassle…plus pretty much every friend I know who has done that has spent half the night worrying about whether they’d made enough money on their bar

You’re obviously all welcome…the more the presents…sorry merrier! :hehe:

Anyone been anywhere good or have something to suggest???


ps - given the mix of people, somewhere with a decent mix of music would be better than anything too specific.

strip club :stuck_out_tongue:

you 30!! Never!!!

male strip club???

Looking forward to being a young thirty-something rather than an old twenty-something! :smiley:

Thanks for posting this, Anita - personally I feel a lot older if you follow the addage that you are only as old as the man you feel - Mark is 42 in January…

Indian buffet somewhere?, Followed by a night club?:slight_smile:

+1 :smiley: never been to a strip club with naked men dancing around :D:cool::hehe:

that might be a good thing? :w00t:

Write prescriptions for everyone and have a party? :smiley:

Could give a few suggestions based on experience. :w00t:

A curry sounds like a good idea.

Bliddy hell…you two make me feel old…I’ll be 35 in Feb! :w00t:

Comedy clubs are great fun and the one in Soho has a disco afterwards till 0300hrs. Its quite small though, and other places aren’t huge so you may have a problem fitting everyone in.

Boat parties are good fun if that’s a possibility, but just make sure you pick one that doesn’t inflate the booze prices once you’ve left the dock.

Or, there’s ice skating in Hyde Park which just happens to open on the 21st Nov. :smiley:

A few of my work colleagues had the start of the Christmas do there last year before going on a pub crawl…which is the main, must do event! :smiley:

30 hur??? and there was me worried about turning 27!!!:D:P

27 wasnt a good year for me - much happier where I am now :wink:

What about the Bavarian Beer House, near Old Street?I had my 30th in there, and from what I remember it was superb! Like octoberfest, but all year round! Huge litre stein’s full of genuine German beer, very nice German quisine (sausages! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and buxom serving wenches!

Add to that the occasional Jaegar-Train and sherbert vodka’s etc… Guarenteed a night to remember! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you survive/get bored, there’s a plethora of pubs/clubs near by to suit everyones needs. Brick Lane is also a walking distance from there if the desire for curry grabs us! ;)(picture added)



curry buffet is a great suggestion as we can eat/drink and get back out again without waiting hours for the last poor sod whose meal didnt arrive…thanks Guy :smiley: Does anyone know anywhere good???
what music do they have at the beer house? and do they serve normal drinks too…all beer is no good for the bladder!
comedy would be good but I suppose means people have to commit up front so we can sort numbers/seats etc
TBH male strip show would probably be crap…I’ve been to a big strip club in Edinburgh and the women there were pretty rough (probably just getting some extra cash for their drug habit or 7th child’s trainers…). Plus I’d be more interested in the men I can have :wink:

keep the great ideas coming :slight_smile:

what about http://www.rodiziorico.com its a brazilian restaurant/bbq in upper st n1 which i’ve been to before and there was 20 of us. You get i think its 2 hours cant remember and can eat as much as ya want for £20 a head and the waiters bring the “skewers” of each meat or seafood too you and if ya want some he cuts it off for ya there and then and theres a few good comedy clubs around the area too :slight_smile: been looking for an excuse to go back :smiley:

Is that what you did for your 30th?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I work opposite this place and get cold shivers just thinking about it after some of the Paulaner headaches ! Jager Trains - chooo chooo !

feck me if im 30 you’d be 50

Yer really good place… went there yesterday for a friends birthday… book a table of at least 20 people… food is good :smiley: