3 Free ladies denim jackets.

Hi all lady bikers,

I am having a clearout and have 3 small ladies stretch, blue denim jackets (never been worn) to give away to anyone who would like them. They are taking up space in my wardrobe… knowing me that space will be filled up again in no time at all!:smiley:

They are printed on the back with biker slogans like…

  1. Biker babe / has a small heart design with wings(Gold ink). Size XLarge (but it is actually more like a medium to small )

  2. Lady biker/ has a small butterfly design (Silver ink). Size Medium (actually it looks more like a small to extra small)

  3. Biker chicks rule the roads/ has a small heart design with wings (Black ink). Size Medium (actually it looks more like a small to extra small)

Please note that these jackets are NOT protective biker clothing, they are plain everyday stretch blue denim jackets that have no extra padding or skeleton etc.*

Send me PM if you are interested, you will need to collect, I am in the Bexleyheath, Kent area.

I will try to post some pic’s tomorrow if I get a chance…



nice 1 cyndi, i will see if the missus is interested.


Sent you a PM

Here are some photo’s to give you an idea…:smiley:

They are brand new but with a stone washed denim effect. They would fit a petit size lady or a teenager.




Any good for a size 12?


Just to let you know that I did not receive your PM :slight_smile:

I am interested in the 2 smaller ones, if they are still available

Thanx for your interest everyone, will let you know if they are still available :slight_smile:


Shiver85, I PM’d you the details for tomorrow…not sure if my e-mail reached you?

My LBikers “sent messages box” seems to have gone spastic all of a sudden! Not sure what is going on with it, it shows Zero messages sent!



i got your message cheers ill give you a shout 2moro should be about 6ish depending on traffic when i get round your way

I have not heard back from the LB members who said they would like the jackets:(…and it has been a while so I am putting them on “Gumtree Freebies”… think I will have better luck there as I have used it many times before and the free items were snapped up immediately. Thanx for the interest guys but I don’t “do” sedentary!:w00t:

I am still interested in them