2nd Bite


Hey, anyone know anythng about these? Sounds a good set-up from the website.

Haven’t passed my big test yet but hope to soon so checking out bigger bikes…hope I’m not tempting fate.


Friend of mine bought a 675 Daytona from them and is happy enough with the service he received.

oooohhhh get that repsol RR that’s sweet!:smiley:

I brought a Bandit 600 from them a couple of years ago, they were in a converted barn next to a horse riding place in the back of beyond swanley villiage… That said good bike and i would buy from them again…

Thx mate, good to know.

Thanks folks

I went there to look at a yam diversion, they new I was comming and when I got there, the battery was flat, the throttle was getting stuck and the man that dealt with the numbers was not in…

Not going to say was a bad place as they said if I took it, it would be all sorted, but chose not the bike was in that condition even with a few days notice.

Bikes are not presented very well but that is not to say they are bad bikes. I have only been there once and I was a bit suspicious about what I was looking at, Rightly or wrongly??? who knows.:slight_smile:

Always so hard to know what’s best when buying from dealers, everyone seems to have different experiences.

Appreciate all the feedback, very helpful.

have bought 2 bikes from them and had a custom exhaust done.

never had any problems and always use to check out what they have when i buy a bike.

Thanks Chenster