28th May Mallory with Focused

Afnoon all !

so booked my 2nd track day , Focused have a rider development day and was wondering has anyone done one ?

Is the tuition any good or just to get more money ?

Also any thoughts on the track itself ?

Anyone going ?

Hi JC, dont know about rider development ,but sure you will get on at mallory, not to difficult to learn, and more grip there noe it has been resurfaced. I’ve done it a couple of times and did’nt fall off. have fun.

im doing mallory on the 26th! praying for good weather!

Didnt like Mallory all that much, its been messed up with chicanes rather than having a redesign to make it a more interesting circuit. Havent done the traing you refer to, but I did one course with another lot which basically about discipline not all that much help. Still a good day out though.

Loved Mallory, you will enjoy it.

Don’t waist your time/money with the rider development thing personally. Fine if they are going to be 121 and help you with lines and riding position but thats about as far as they can help and i wouldn’t pay them for that.

If you want to learn more about cornering then it has to be with CSS. See my thread on this as Pouty and myself have booked ourselves on it.

Enjoy it though mate its not that bad a circuit and with the new tarmac down its nice a grippy.

What you taking round?

Smaller brother of what I have at home !