25% off waterproof clothing this weekend

Infinity motorcycles are sending out an email to their Club Infinity customers on Thursday (18th) morning offering 25% off of all waterproof jackets and trousers for an extended pre-xmas weekend sale, 19th-22nd of December inclusive. This will not be advertised in the press, or in store, it is a voucher promotion exclusive to people who have registered their email with the company’s “Club Infinity”, either in store or at http://www.infinitymotorcycles.com/clubinfinity.asp

Add your name to the list online to take advantage of this offer. We stock a wide range of brands including Rukka, Alpine Stars, Dainese, Spada and Frank Thomas so there should be something for everyone.

Does that extend to gloves? Have u actually GOT any waterproof gloves? Cos if you HAVE and they are truely waterproof, you will be in with a killing cos we are ALL looking for a pair. The last pair of winters i got from you guys was a pair of mens medium FT ones? I got them out of the “bin” you have with gloves in…they have “waterproof” not “weatherproof” on them so we thought they would do the job…do they heck! Its the second time ive got caught out in peeing down rain and both times the insides just filled up with water! Last week on the Toy Run on Sat, it was bloody freezing as well as peeing down…But the amount of bikers that said if they could find gloves that did what they said? they would buy them ?

you need to get them Ion masked !


this process was on the gadet show the other night …pretty dam amazing. When they apply it to motorcycle clothing it will change riding in the rain forever.

I saw that on the Gadget show as well, very impressive!

Thanks for the text telling me this JZ. I honestly thought you were taking the p!ss out of my lack of wet weather riding lately;):D:D:D

Sounds like a bargain though:cool:

i got a pair of racer multitops from infinity a few months ago and my hands haven’t got wet once from wearing them. longest wettest journey to be fair, was only about 30 mins but in torrential rain and about 2 hours later, still soaked on the outside, the gloves were dry inside. they’re not that warm in this weather though and i’m combining them with silk inners and bar muffs to properly beat the weather. just thought i’d share that in case it helps anyone out :slight_smile: