24 Hour Insurance


I need advice on getting a short-term policy in time for tomorrow afternoon, to move my parents bikes from Burnley, to Lancaster - advice welcomed…

Do usual companies do this… do I need to call and ask - is it something more, specialist… is it, like track-day insurance, or the likes, I really don’t know!!

HELP! (please )

hey everyone its Hambles!


how ya doin?

ring my step-daughter Kelly 01395 234112

tell her Salee the wicked step-mother sent you

do it now before she leaves the office

Hey, Thanks - calling her now

(I’m good everyone, not lookig forward to being back on a bike tomorrow after my crash… but let’s hope it all ends well :S)

You’ll be fine - get back on the road - be careful and enjoy yourself

Ohhh, Salee - your step daughter sounds cute slaps own wrists

… she couldn’t hlep me out, not just for a day… but she suggested putting me and the bike on a friends policy for the day… so we’re gonna put it on my Dad’s police, we think…

note: she didn’t disagree when I said y ou were the evil stepmother… lol - what’ve u been doing to the poor lass !?

Hambley she is gorgeous!!..

and we get on real well too…we like a laugh…hope it goes ok for you though

dont forget you can ring her again when your insurance renewal is due!!

Salee, … already in my phonebook as ‘Cutesy’

… hope my gf doesn’t see that… she’s always freaking out that I’ll run off with a biker chick

Most bike covers have insurance for other riders so surely ure dads policy will cover u 3rd party

norwuch union do short term cover - got 7 days free when i bought my car. funny tho, i got the free insurance but when they the time ran out they wouldnt quote me cos i had a tt99!!!


dont know if it does bikes tho