20mph urban speed limit for London

The urban speed limit in London will be cut from 30mph to 20mph under plans announced by London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Livingstone will encourage London boroughs to make 20mph the “default” limit in all residential areas, the mayor’s office announced.

The move is likely to embolden transport authorities considering a 20mph limit in other parts of the country.
The mayor’s office said casualties had fallen in existing 20mph zones and that there expansion would help reduce greenhouse gasses.
Livingstone said the new lower limits would “build on London’s success as the only major city in the world to have achieved a shift away from car use to public transport, cycling and walking”.

He said: “This trend will be supported by the encouragement of 20mph speed limits in all residential areas.”

Exemptions for main routes will be negotiated between TfL and individual boroughs.

The mayor’s office claimed: “Nine out of ten pedestrians will be killed if hit by a car travelling at 40mph, two out of ten at 30mph and one in forty at 20mph.”

Havn’t seen that but its the kind of stuff you come to expect from “mein furher” ken and his little taliban gang, hopefully when the time comes londoners might vote someone sensible in next time. :slight_smile:

Why not make the speed limit 10mph? There would be next to no accidents at all then…

While we’re at it, lets make it illegal to cross the road without a helmet…


Cheshunt town center has been 20mph limit for quite a few years… it’s something you get used to and the ramps make good launch pads;):smiley:

London will grind to a halt and emissions will rise since not a single vehicle engine will be working at anything near its most efficient.

It’s obvious Ken is committed to making life so difficult for motorists that we all give up our cars and bikes. This is just another tool in that plan. It’s disgusting, someone needs to replace him asap! It’s an invasion of our rights!

Yeah! Someone sensible like…errr…Boris Johnson?!

Well, that’s called business plan. First you have a product idea, then you make sure that people are legally obligued to use your product :smiley:

Imagine LB membership as compulsory as MOT!!!

Maybe the limit is there as a kind gesture from kenneth so we as bikers dont get taken out by suicide carriages…dog toffee…the bloke is a twat and takes ecstacy with Boris.

Washed down with a drop of Gold Watch;):smiley:

There are 20mph speed limits set in residential areas in Woolwich but as yet no removal of speed humps.

I think ok fair enough drop the speed in residential areas to 20mph but remove the speed humps and also restrict buses to 40MPH as a lot of them drive around like they are on the ring.