20mph tower bridge.. if its average speed dont they have to warn you ?

Over tower bridge its an indicated 20mph zone … cameras in the towes but seemingly front facing … how rigorous are they with that ?

and I thought they had to signpost if it was an average speed zone ?

anyone been done on a bike over there for >= 25mph ?



I never been caught

It got me a few years back (In a cage)… they give you your speed and a picture of you at the wheel… I was doing 26mph - speed awareness course ;-(… As WISE said, not been issued anything on 2 wheels)

I don’t think I’ve ever been over the bridge northbound but there are definitely speed camera signs heading south - one of them is on the camera post.
I think there was an ‘average speed check’ sign at some point as well but even if there isn’t I’m not sure that would be much of a defence - “yes I saw the 20 limit sign and the speed camera sign but I didn’t know what kind of camera it was”

A while ago, I spoke to a chap (from Fazer’s owners club) who had been done on the bridge whilst on his bike. Apparently, although there’s front facing camera’s on the gantries a little before and after the bridge, the camera’s in the tower catch the rear of the vehicles. Thus, we hypothesised that they can only really catch bikes breaking the limit between the towers, whilst other vehicles can be caught over a longer stretch. I’m not sure which direction he was going at the time, or if that makes much difference mind.

fair enough … there are plenty of signs about … and like you say there is enough rear facing cover to catch regular folks if they want to follow up. will just have to mind myself for that stretch … or buy myself a milk float :frowning:

I go over the bridge quite often and never had issues on two wheels.
Sometimes in the evenings when it’s emptier too.

Got caught in my car last year early hours of the morning - speed awareness course followed…felt like I was in detention!
Would’ve assumed front facing cameras that bikes were immune!