2022 Zero FXE (EV)

I’m quite taken by this. I would love a ride. What do you think?

On the 11th of September down at motolegends in Guildford, they are doing Zero test rides, but you have to book.
Not sure if there are any places left but you can try this link

Or call Call us on 01483 407500
I’ve booked for an 11 am ride

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I test rode a zero FX at the ABR rally, and it was really good. Only had a 4ish mile go on it and the D’s, but both made me do maths to see if I could afford one.
The figures zero give are best case (so range with the largest battery option, charging time with all 4 fast chargers plugged in…)

The range was the killer though, people said real world estimates for 60-70 miles (of green laneing) , and the fast charger is a separate box about the size of a top box (bit without a continent mounting point).

The Ds obviously had a better range, and the ability to carry a fast charger, but much heavier bigger bike.

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Had my test ride the other day, and it is a good bike. If I needed a commuter bike I would be tempted. (if they priced it slightly lower) The range will always be its downfall. Seems really well built, with lots of different settings. Econ mode has great engine breaking that meant I hardly needed to use the breaks, sport mode there is none so needs a handful. It will take a little getting used to, twist and go makes it so easy and going into bends I was always ghosting the clutch and gears. And just so quiet!

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