2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000

man what is it with these ugly ass headlights?

Ugh… I really thought it was a KTM thing a few years back but they’re just getting worse and worse as each brand adapts the duck face.

That just looks like someone has cut it off and forgot about it.

Also, not a single curve on that bike… why is everything a straight line?!

Now I like odd-looking bikes, but not that one

the wheels are curved


Might as well buy a streetfightered 2005 gsxr for a third of the money.

That really did fall out of the ugly tree, a giant redwood sized ugly tree and landed face first.

My hope is this being Suzuki catching up on the fugly trend and it’s the last we’ll see of it

I think they made a mockup out of Lego and accidentally sent it to production. Those lights are clearly Lego parts.

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have you also noticed the detail near the radiator that looks like someone spray painted over rust?

They’re obviously making a play for the hipster Market.

We are far too smart for their marketing team.

A round headlight and a longer flat seat losing the number plate hanger would do it a favour.

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Really can’t stand the saggy headlight trend

I actually really like how it looks. I’m a fan of angular design. Quite sci-fi.