2021 IOM TT Cancelled

More unfortunate news as result of Covid.

Yep gutted, was all booked up ready to work it after missing last years and can’t go next year so will be 3 years in a row I’ll miss it :cry:

When I was there in 2012 we were told that year was only the third time in history that the Seniors race had been cancelled completely (WW2, Foot and Mouth being the other two). I thought I must have been really unlucky.

I didn’t think I’d have to wait less than 10 years to see another cancelled…

It’s one of the issues with the TT - you have to book it so far in advance, anything can happen. And it’s not cheap either…

I still want to go again, but will probably wait till my daughter is of an age she can be impressed by it… :smiley:

And this time I’ll do it right with either motorhome or flying out there :smiley:

Hardly surprising to be honest.

The tourist sector on the island is going to collapse.