2021 Hayabusa

First video look, before the official release.


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What’s changed? Couple of new DRLs? Kinda surprised it’s still got clocks in 2021.

Since the old engine couldn’t meet the latest emission standards, it’s either been heavily reworked or a brand new unit.

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It’s generally not a big seller, so kind of surprised about this. I wonder if they’ll be a new B-King as well?

I still like the look of the original copper colour one.

Will the new one be quicker than the Kawasaki ?

I doubt it, it’ll likely be a euro5 version with a little less power and a load more electronics. There’s certainly adjustable traction control and a quickshifter in the video.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

The whole tease marketing campaign does seem to be working for Suzuki, it’s generating a fair bit of chatter on bike forums.

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Shame for all the journalists who signed an NDA that expires on the release day


Real surprise they didn’t fit the VVT from the gixxer. I would have thought that was a no brainer.

Chaps I found THE video on the new Busa…


(Embedded YouTube video. I absolutely love the Suzuki Engineers. Proper bikers. Through and through)

They’re beasts of a bike but so god damn ugly.

Really, really good review by MCN if you have the time.