2021 CB1000R Neo Sport Cafe

Slight update to the current bike

The flagship of Honda’s Neo Sports Café family evolves – tighter, sleeker, with an even more aggressive stance ­- further developing the unique motorcycling proposition that it represents. A new, colour TFT instrument display connects the rider to their smartphone via Honda Smartphone Voice Control System, and there’s also now a USB charging socket under the seat. Alongside the standard CB1000R, the Black Edition is exactly that: accessorised with fly screen, pillion seat cover and quickshifter it is as blacked-out as a motorcycle can be, with just the merest hint of aluminium on show. The engine gets revised PGM-FI settings and EURO5 compliance.

(still prefer my older model :stuck_out_tongue: )

WOW now has USB charging under the seat, where do I sign up!!! :grin:


thats what they call a Unique Selling Boint!

Why are the pipes black in some photos and chrome/aluminium.in others?

Black Edition vs Matt Ballistic Black Metallic

Say that again without drinking kombucha

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Dude, dont be like that :frowning:

Yep, that’s similar to my reaction to Honda’s line up which is meh.

Sorry :frowning:

Oooo back to single sided swing arm :heart_eyes:

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It always had a SSS the 650 didnt

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