2019 Zero SRF review

Looks good with good recharger stats.


So what C.C. is it and does it wheelie,I don’t know why they bothering with electric vehicles …jet packs/suits are n there way…have you seen them this week​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

By coincidence I drove a Tesla today and it was mighty impressive.

It’s raw acceleration and ‘engine-braking’ effect from the regenerative braking the moment you closed the throttle were the closest car driving experience I’ve had which reminded me of riding a motorbike.

This new technology is amazing. I even like the purposeful whine as it launches itself down the road; reminds me less of an electric motor but more of a jet engine.

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I’d definitely consider one. As someone who owns an electric car, I can tell you that the charging would be no big deal when riding alone. You combine charging with other activities like having a break, going to the loo, getting a drink, having some food, etc. Though for ride-outs where you’re mixed in with ICE riders then that might be more complicated trying to align stopping for a while with a place where there’s a charger, but this probably isn’t a big use-case for these bikes.

It’s probably also good enough for road-trips now with sufficient range to get you around Europe between high-speed chargers. IME hotels and other accommodations are absolutely fine with you plugging in overnight as well, so you could probably just get top-ups at high-speed chargers and a full charge at your destination for the day (that’s what we do with the car).

Driving an electric vehicle is a lot of fun. I would love to do it on two wheels!


The guy riding is a bit naive. He asked the question - why aren’t there gears? It weighs over 200kg already and he wants to add more weight?

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