2019 Triumph Rocket 3

More power and lighter!


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Ooooo, I may need a moment

Whoah that’s pretty impressive. Wasn’t tempted to ride the last one but this is pretty appealing. faster, lighter, better handling (if the claims are true). What’s not to like.


40kg lighter, it’s a huge weight reduction

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The price (£25k)

They’ve said under £20k for both variants, I think they’ve said £19 500 for the R, £19 900 for the GT

Just going on my local Triumph delaer. £20k defo better :slight_smile:

Ha I love that, GT. As in Grand Touring.

So where the ever living fuck are you meant to put the luggage?

Marketing bullshit.

Looks like they’re trying to move towards the Diavel market.

My cynicism was a little misplaced, there are panniers with the GT. Might as well sling a handbag over your shoulder though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD0v1y4Ize8

It still ain’t cheap, but it’s a big ole beast for the money.

In this video the Triumph guy says the prices I quoted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnPMflCsYFo

Triumph have done an amazing job that’s for sure.

Teaches me not to believe rumours - a couple of years ago I read that Triumph felt the Rocket 3 had been developed as much as it could and sales were sliding - especially in the US - and there was talk of canning it.

And then they do this!