2018 Husqvarna 701 for sale

Been putting this off for a year but enough’s enough. This is the most half arsed ad for a bike you’ll ever see. Selling my husky, approx 2500 miles on it. Basically brand new, I’m just not riding it. All quality aftermarket parts on it (akrapovic exhaust, DNA open air filter, dyno’d at Dave Wood Racing). Think there’s about 2 months left on warranty. Anyone want to buy it? Going on eBay or whatever in week or so

Not me, but a price might help :wink:

@B you need a road bike. We could go Supermoto racing (i.e. you could teach me how to go quick).

I did say it was a half arsed ad

dont do it dude!!

That’s what my heart’s telling me too but I just don’t ride it :frowning:

Any photos of her @ad ?

Im sure you read @Serrisan long thread about keeping bikes…

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I have and I kinda wished you hadn’t asked as looking through these again makes me want to keep it lol…


Not sure I did…?

Def sell it that looks awful :rofl:

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Gorgeous beast

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Buy it so it stays in the ‘family’?

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I did read that yes! I even imparted some vague advice too. The thing is, as beautiful as she is, can i really justify having it sit there and do nothing, depreciating all the time, when I could put the money to more use over the next few years, then buy another bike when the time’s right?


Hmm is 6-7k really going to make that much difference?
Or having the dream bike around for when you want to go out and unwind?

If you sell it now and buy a similar one in a few years you will def be out of pocket of 1-2k. So that makes the money tied into the bike even less.

Well I cycle a lot you see and have a few of them so all my unwinding is done on those. But I know what you’re saying. I appreciate the objectivity too as it’s making me consider it deeper and as much as I don’t want to sell it, I think it’s gotta go


Kinda want it. Like more than a bit kind of つ ◕_◕ ༽つ. How much you want for it?

I’m not sure mate. I haven’t got that far! What you thinking?

One isn’t sure if they want to buy it the other isn’t sure if they want to sell it

:popcorn: :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s definitely turning into the most half arsed ad ever. I did say!