2017 BMW S1000R Sport for sale

2017 BMW S1000R Sport for sale | 3925 miles
Mint condition, one lady owner
Full BMW service history
Datatag and Tracker
BMW tail pack and BMW tank bag
BMW touring screen
BMW comfort seat
Finance outstanding, sale proceeds to cover finance


I really want that. Why are you selling Claire?

Hey dude. Simple answer is I just don’t ride it. Life got in the way, and it’s too awesome and too much money to just sit in the garage. It’s tough to say goodbye, but unfortunately have to face reality :frowning:

That’s a shame. I’m going to now justify it to Mrs eezie

Tell her it’s really slow, super safe, and completely undesirable :wink:

Honestly though, you simply won’t find a better second hand bike. It’s properly mint and all the good accessories which cost me over £500

Lemme know :slight_smile:

I’m working on it

revised cost now £9,000

Sold :sob:
Bye beast

Breaks my heart it wasn’t me

As I have to tell myself now @eezie - there will be another one… :pray:t3: